Ballot Printing

Printing Systems, Inc. has established itself as one of the most trusted suppliers of digital scan ballots in the country. We have printed over 100 million ballots since 2004 and have earned a reputation for superior quality and timely delivery.

We have been certified to print ballots for Dominion Voting Syestems, ES&S, and Hart Intercivic. We have extensive experience printing AccuVote, M100, DS200, Sequoia, ImageCast and Verity ballots.

We are confident that we have created the most sophisticated system in the country for printing ballots. We use high speed vision sensors to take pictures of every ballot we produce and within a split second conduct multiple quality checks. If any one of the crucial quality standards is not met the systems automatically turns off and flags the questionable ballot for replacement.

This amazing system gives our customers complete confidence that they won't have to deal with ballot problems on Election Day and that their voters will have a positive experience at the polls!

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